California is committed to bringing awareness to the link between physical and mental well-being; to encourage daily movement, mindfulness, and breathwork. California is also committed to creating a positive and inclusive sports and fitness culture, for Californians of all ages, to bolster health, community, and a sense of belonging. The benefits of physical fitness and mental wellness are proven, diverse, and far-reaching for both the body and mind and lead to a lifetime of optimal health and wellness.

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While it may feel intimidating or overwhelming to know where to start, there are many simple, easy, and Quick ways to increase physical activity and mental well-being, at any age. Taking that small first step can make a lasting impact and lead to a lifetime of health and happiness. Learn more and get active today.

Get Involved

What can you do? There are many ways to help spread the word to improve physical and mental well-being for Californians. Whether it’s sharing tips on your social media #MoveYourBodyCalmYourMind, volunteering in your community, or getting your organization involved, any action—no matter how big or small—matters. Learn how you can get involved today.

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